When your body speaks out – Change the lingerie

Some common symptoms speak aloud that you are using an ill-fitting bra. Finding out more on these symptoms assures that you get the right fit for more comfort and freedom from health and other hazards. The lingerie is an essential part of a feminine wear and it has a major role to play in offering support, comfort, and personality to the wearer. Therefore, finding a right fit is a must, but before finding a right fit, find out when your body speaks and squeaks that it needs a freedom from the ill fit.

Armpit Bulges

These are the bulges below the armpits. These are commonly caused when the cup is unable to accommodate the whole bust and it creates a groove in the soft tissue. This grove later develops into a fold and therefore apparently it looks like a small breast next to the armpit. If you happen to have such a bulge, talk to the fitting expert of your online lingerie store to find out correct methods to figure out your size, and change your ill-fitting bra into a right fit.

Stomach Ache

Ill-fitting bras cause intermittent stomachache due to breathing difficulty. The reason behind the problem is that the band tightens on the rib cage disallowing it to expand and contact as it should. Therefore, choosing the right fit is very necessary for freedom from the serious health hazard.

Skin Problems

Ill-fitting bras are a common culprit in a series of skin problems. Some of the prominent problems are patchy skin, rashes, irritation, and chaffing. Local treatment of these skin problems is futile as changing the ill-fitting bra with a more comfortable one is the only solution you should look for.

Uni-Breast Appearance

Bras may offer a visual appeal of combining both the breast into one big breast due to the ill fitting. This awkward situation is always avoidable when you select a right fit for you. Typically, this situation arises due to over tight bra compelling the soft tissue to compress unnaturally.

Hanging Center Panel

In some cases, the undersized bra rests on breasts instead of the rib cage using the band. In this case, the center panel does not touch the skin. This lifts breasts whilst separating them. The bra does not fit below the breasts and causes irritation and deformation of soft tissues. The situation is avoidable using the right fitting bra with appropriate size suitable for your bust.

Lumbar Problems and Headaches

Improper fitting of bra creates a misalignment in the posture and in turn offers undue load on the vertebral column. This results in backache along with headache. The severity of these problems increases with the continued use of an ill - fitting bra. During the constant occurrence of these symptoms, you should switch to comfortable lingerie instead of worsening the concerns.

Straps Dig Into Shoulders Making Sizable Grooves

Straps are responsible only for 10% of the support; however, the band is responsible for 90% of support. If you notice your straps digging trenches on your shoulder, get right lingerie and save yourself from using an ill fit product. Another reason causing the effect is maladjustment of strap height. Too short straps start creating high pressure on your shoulder.

Understand these signs very carefully as ignorance may demand a bigger toll. Apart from the inferior aesthetics, it may call for a visit to health care too. Staying away from health hazards is always proactive that repairing damages. Make sure to check your size every six months and select branded lingerie. Do not let the feminine personal wear cause a concern for you. Take precautions today, listen when your body speaks out, and get better fitting lingerie today.